The way of KORYU SHOUSHOUKAI is based in KORYU IKEBANA and also supports individuality and imagination. We want the space inside your house to become a beautiful and happy place. Whether its fresh flowers in the alcove, a single flower vase, flower art or Ikebana sculptures, the choice is yours. Our hope is that interest in Ikebana Art spreads beyond our school, which is why we teach the fundamentals of KORYU IKEBANA, but also develop our students' creativity and sensitivity for this art form.

Ro 35 Yokohama, Tsubata-Machi, Kahoku-Gun,

Ishikawa-Ken, 929-0341, JAPAN

The Number of Masters Rishou Sugimoto licenced (up to 2014):

Rishou's Disciples that became Masters: 148
Disciples of Rishou Sugimoto's Disciples that became Masters: 62